Publikationen von Melanie Mittenbühler

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Mittenbühler, M.; Saedler, K.; Nolte, H.; Kern, L.; Zhou, J.; Qian, S.-B.; Meder, L.; Ullrich, R. T.; Brüning, J. C.; Wunderlich, F. T.: Hepatic FTO is dispensable for the regulation of metabolism but counteracts HCC development in vivo. Molecular Metabolism 42, 101085 (2020)
Kern, L.; Mittenbühler, M.; Vesting, A. J.; Ostermann, A. L.; Wunderlich, C. M.; Wunderlich, F. T.: Obesity-induced TNF alpha and IL-6 signaling: The missing link between obesity and inflammation-driven liver and colorectal cancers. Cancers 11 (1), 24 (2019)
Mittenbühler, M.; Sprenger, H.-G.; Gruber, S.; Wunderlich, C. M.; Kern, L.; Brüning, J. C.; Wunderlich, F. T.: Hepatic leptin receptor expression can partially compensate for IL-6Rα deficiency in DEN-induced hepatocellular carcinoma. Molecular Metabolism 17, S. 122 - 133 (2018)
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