Publikationen von Masatoshi Takagaki

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Feuerstein, D.; Backes, H.; Gramer, M.; Takagaki, M.; Gabel, P.; Kumagai, T.; Graf, R.: Regulation of cerebral metabolism during cortical spreading depression. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 36 (11), S. 1965 - 1977 (2016)
Feuerstein, D.; Takagaki, M.; Gramer, M.; Manning, A.; Endepols, H.; Vollmar, S.; Yoshimine, T.; Strong, A. J.; Graf, R.; Backes, H.: Detecting tissue deterioration after brain injury: regional blood flow level versus capacity to raise blood flow. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 34 (7), S. 1117 - 1127 (2014)
Gramer, M.; Feuerstein, D.; Steimers, A.; Takagaki, M.; Kumagai, T.; Sué, M.; Vollmar, S.; Kohl-Bareis, M.; Backes, H.; Graf, R.: Device for simultaneous positron emission tomography, laser speckle imaging and RGB reflectometry: Validation and application to cortical spreading depression and brain ischemia in rats. NeuroImage 94, S. 250 - 262 (2014)
Takagaki, M.; Feuerstein, D.; Kumagai, T.; Gramer, M.; Yoshimine, T.; Graf, R.: Isoflurane suppresses cortical spreading depolarizations compared to propofol - Implications for sedation of neurocritical care patients. Experimental Neurology 252, S. 12 - 17 (2014)
Gramer, M.; Feuerstein, D.; Backes, H.; Takagaki, M.; Kumagai, T.; Graf, R.: Simultaneous laser speckle imaging and positron emission tomography. Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE 8798, 879805 (2013)
Rogers, M. L.; Feuerstein, D.; Leong, C. L.; Takagaki, M.; Niu, X.; Graf, R.; Boutelle, M. G.: Continuous online microdialysis using microfluidic sensors: Dynamic neurometabolic changes during spreading depolarization. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 4 (5), S. 799 - 807 (2013)
Steimers, A.; Gramer, M.; Takagaki, M.; Graf, R.; Lindauer, U.; Kohl-Bareis, M.: Simultaneous imaging of cortical blood flow and haemoglobin concentration with LASCA and RGB reflectometry. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 789, S. 427 - 433 (2013)
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