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Barbie, D. A.; Tamayo, P.; Boehm, J. S.; Kim, S. Y.; Moody, S. E.; Dunn, I. F.; Schinzel, A. C.; Sandy, P.; Meylan, E.; Scholl, C. et al.; Fröhling, S.; Chan, E. M.; Sos, M. L.; Michel, K.; Mermel, C.; Silver, S. J.; Weir, B. A.; Reiling, J. H.; Sheng, Q.; Gupta, P. B.; Wadlow, R. C.; Le, H.; Hoersch, S.; Wittner, B. S.; Ramaswamy, S.; Livingston, D. M.; Sabatini, D. M.; Meyerson, M.; Thomas, R. K.; Lander, E. S.; Mesirov, J. P.; Root, D. E.; Gilliland, D. G.; Jacks, T.; Hahn, W. C.: Systematic RNA interference reveals that oncogenic KRAS-driven cancers require TBK1. Nature 462 (7269), S. 108 - 112 (2009)
Sos, M. L.; Fischer, S.; Ullrich, R.; Peifer, M.; Heuckmann, J. M.; Koker, M.; Heynck, S.; Stueckrath, I.; Weiss, J.; Fischer, F. et al.; Michel, K.; Goel, A.; Regales, L.; Politi, K. A.; Perera, S.; Getlik, M.; Heukamp, L. C.; Ansen, S.; Zander, T.; Beroukhim, R.; Kashkar, H.; Shokat, K. M.; Sellers, W. R.; Rauh, D.; Orr, C.; Hoeflich, K. P.; Friedman, L.; Wong, K.-K.; Pao, W.; Thomas, R. K.: Identifying genotype-dependent efficacy of single and combined PI3K- and MAPK-pathway inhibition in cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, S. 18351 - 18356 (2009)
Ocak, S.; Sos, M. L.; Thomas, R. K.; Massion, P. P.: High-throughput molecular analysis in lung cancer: insights into biology and potential clinical applications. European Respiratory Journal 34 (2), S. 489 - 506 (2009)
Sos, M. L.; Michel, K.; Zander, T.; Weiss, J.; Frommolt, P.; Peifer, M.; Li, D.; Ullrich, R.; Koker, M.; Fischer, F. et al.; Shimamura, T.; Rauh, D.; Mermel, C.; Fischer, S.; Stückrath, I.; Heynck, S.; Beroukhim, R.; Lin, W.; Winckler, W.; Shah, K.; LaFramboise, T.; Moriarty, W. F.; Hanna, M.; Tolosi, L.; Rahnenführer, J.; Verhaak, R.; Chiang, D.; Getz, G.; Hellmich, M.; Wolf, J.; Girard, L.; Peyton, M.; Weir, B. A.; Chen, T.-H.; Greulich, H.; Barretina, J.; Shapiro, G. I.; Garraway, L. A.; Gazdar, A. F.; Minna, J. D.; Meyerson, M.; Wong, K.-K.; Thomas, R. K.: Predicting drug susceptibility of non-small cell lung cancers based on genetic lesions. Journal of Clinical Investigation 119 (6), S. 1727 - 1740 (2009)
Sos, M.; Koker, M.; Weir, B.; Heynck, S.; Rabinovsky, R.; Zander, T.; Seeger, J. M.; Weiss, J.; Fischer, F.; Frommolt, P. et al.; Michel, K.; Peifer, M.; Mermel, C.; Girard, L.; Peyton, M.; Gazdar, A. F.; Minna, J. D.; Garraway, L. A.; Kashkar, H.; Pao, W.; Meyerson, M.; Thomas, R. K.: PTEN loss contributes to erlotinib resistance in EGFR-mutant lung cancer by activation of Akt and EGFR. Cancer Research 69 (8), S. 3256 - 3261 (2009)
Salvesen, H. B.; Carter, S. L.; Mannelqvist, M.; Dutt, A.; Getz, G.; Stefansson, I. M.; Raeder, M. B.; Sos, M. L.; Engelsen, I. B.; Trovik, J. et al.; Wik, E.; Greulich, H.; Bo, T. H.; Jonassen, I.; Thomas, R. K.; Zander, T.; Garraway, L. A.; Oyan, A. M.; Sellers, W. R.; Kalland, K. H.; Meyerson, M.; Akslen, L. A.; Beroukhim, R.: Integrated genomic profiling of endometrial carcinoma associates aggressive tumors with indicators of PI3 kinase activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106 (12), S. 4834 - 4839 (2009)
Ullrich, R. T.; Zander, T.; Neumaier, B.; Koker, M.; Shimamura, T.; Waerzeggers, Y.; Borgman, C. L.; Tawadros, S.; Li, H.; Sos, M. L. et al.; Backes, H.; Shapiro, G. I.; Wolf, J.; Jacobs, A. H.; Thomas, R. K.; Winkeler, A.: Early detection of erlotinib treatment response in NSCLC by 3'-Deoxy-3'-[18F]-fluoro-L-thymidine ([18F]FLT) positron emission tomography (PET). PLoS ONE 3 (12), S. e3908 - e3908 (2008)
Sos, M. L.; Zander, T.; Thomas, R. K.; Staratschek-Jox, A.; Claasen, J.; Wolf, J.: Expression of signaling mediators downstream of EGF-receptor predict sensitivity to small molecule inhibitors directed against the EGF-receptor pathway. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 3 (2), S. 170 - 173 (2008)
Thomas, R. K.; Sos, M. L.; Zander, T.; Mani, O.; Popov, A.; Berenbrinker, D.; Smola-Hess, S.; Schultze, J. L.; Wolf, J.: Inhibition of nuclear translocation of nuclear factor-kappa B despite lack of functional I kappa B alpha protein overcomes multiple defects in apoptosis signaling in human B-cell malignancies. Clinical Cancer Research 11 (22), S. 8186 - 8194 (2005)
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