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Zeitschriftenartikel (48)

Hilker, R.; Pötter, C.; Findeisen, N.; Sobesky, J.; Neveling, M.; Jacobs, A. H.; Heiss, W.-D.: Pneumonia after acute stroke: implications for the neurological intensive care medicine. Stroke 34 (4), S. 975 - 981 (2003)
Schmülling, S.; Rudolf, J.; Strotmann-Tack, T.; Grond, M.; Schneweis, S.; Sobesky, J.; Thiel, A.; Heiss, W.-D.: Acetylsalicylic acid pretreatment, concomitant heparin therapy and the risk of early intracranial hemorrhage following systemic thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases 16 (3), S. 183 - 190 (2003)
Sobesky, J.; Smekal, U. V.; Kracht, L.; Thiel, A.; Lehnhardt, F.; Dohmen, C.; Jacobs, A.; Neveling, M.; Heiss, W.-D.: Comparative imaging in acute ischemic stroke: Identification of penumbra and infarcted tissue by multitracer PET and PW/DW-MRI. Stroke 34 (1), S. 254 - 254 (2003)
Ghaemi, M.; Hilker, R.; Rudolf, J.; Sobesky, J.; Heiss, W.-D.: Differentiating multiple system atrophy from Parkinson's disease: contribution of striatal and midbrain MRI volumetry and multi-tracer PET imaging. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 73 (5), S. 517 - 523 (2002)
Rudolf, J.; Sobesky, J.; Ghaemi, M.; Heiss, W.-D.: The correlation between cerebral glucose metabolism and benzodiazepine receptor density in the acute vegetative state. European Journal of Neurology 9 (6), S. 671 - 677 (2002)
Szelies, B.; Sobesky, J.; Pawlik, G.; Mielke, R.; Bauer, B.; Herholz, K.; Heiss, W.-D.: Impaired benzodiazepine receptor binding in peri-lesional cortex of patients with symptomatic epilepsies studied by [C- 11]-flumazenil PET. European Journal of Neurology 9 (2), S. 137 - 142 (2002)
Ghaemi, M.; Raethjen, J.; Hilker, R.; Rudolf, J.; Sobesky, J.; Deuschl, G.; Heiss, W.-D.: Monosymptomatic resting tremor and Parkinson's disease: A multitracer positron emission tomographic study. Movement Disorders 17 (4), S. 782 - 788 (2002)
Grond, M.; Rudolf, J.; Schneweis, S.; Terstegge, K.; Sobesky, J.; Kracht, L.; Neveling, M.; Heiss, W.-D.: Feasibility of source images of computed tomographic angiography to detect the extent of ischemia in hyperacute stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases 13 (4), S. 251 - 256 (2002)

Buchkapitel (1)

Jacobs, A. H.; Sobesky, J.; Dohmen, C.; Neveling, M.; Heiss, W.-D.: Primär- und Sekundärprävention des Schlaganfalls. In: Prävention atherosklerotischer Erkrankungen, S. 140 - 148 (Hg. Rosenkranz, S.; Schneider, C.A.; Erdmann, E.). Thieme, Stuttgart [u.a.] (2007)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Sobesky, J.; Weber, O. Z.; Hartmann, W. M.; Heiss, W.-D.: MRI-based cerebral blood flow measurement in early stroke is enhanced by the use of an individual correction factor: a comparison with 150-water PET. 12th Congress of the European-Federation-of-Neurological-Societies, Madrid, SPAIN, 23. August 2008 - 26. August 2008. European Journal of Neurology 15 (Suppl.3), S. 29 - 29 (2008)
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