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Blaschke, S.; Hensel, L.; Minassian, A.; Vlachakis, S.; Tscherpel, C.; Vay, S. U.; Rabenstein, M.; Schroeter, M.; Fink, G. R.; Hoehn, M. et al.; Grefkes, C.; Rueger, M. A.: Translating functional connectivity after stroke functional magnetic resonance imaging detects comparable network changes in mice and humans. Stroke 52 (9), S. 2948 - 2960 (2021)
Minassian, A.; Green, C.; Diedenhofen, M.; Vogel, S.; Hess, S.; Stoeber, M.; Radmilovic, M. D.; Wiedermann, D.; Kloppenburg, P.; Hoehn, M.: Human neural stem cell induced functional network stabilization after cortical stroke: A longitudinal resting-state fMRI study in mice. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 14, 86 (2020)
Collmann, F. M.; Pijnenburg, R.; Hamzei Taj, S.; Minassian, A.; Folz-Donahue, K.; Kukat, A.; Aswendt, M.; Hoehn, M.: Individual in vivo profiles of microglia polarization after stroke, represented by the genes iNOS and Ym1. Frontiers in immunology 10, 1236 (2019)
Egimendia, A.; Minassian, A.; Diedenhofen, M.; Wiedermann, D.; Ramos-Cabrer, P.; Hoehn, M.: Aging reduces the functional brain networks strength—a resting state fMRI study of healthy mouse brain. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 11, 277 (2019)
Green, C.; Minassian, A.; Vogel, S.; Diedenhofen, M.; Wiedermann, D.; Hoehn, M.: Persistent quantitative vitality of stem cell graft is necessary for stabilization of functional brain networks after stroke. Frontiers in Neurology 10, 335 (2019)
Minassian, A.; Radmilovic, M. D.; Vogel, S.; Diedenhofen, M.; Nelles, M.; Stoeber, M.; Wiedermann, D.; Hoehn, M.: Cortical tissue loss and major structural reorganization as result of distal middle cerebral artery occlusion in the chronic phase of nude mice. Scientific Reports 9, 6823 (2019)
Vogel, S.; Schäfer, C.; Hess, S.; Folz-Donahue, K.; Nelles, M.; Minassian, A.; Schwarz, M. K.; Kukat, C.; Ehrlich, M.; Zaehres, H. et al.; Kloppenburg, P.; Höhn, M.; Aswendt, M.: The in vivo timeline of differentiation of engrafted human neural progenitor cells. Stem Cell Research 37, 101429 (2019)
Green, C.; Minassian, A.; Vogel, S.; Diedenhofen, M.; Beyrau, A.; Wiedermann, D.; Höhn, M.: Sensorimotor functional and structural networks after intracerebral stem cell grafts in the ischemic mouse brain. The Journal of Neuroscience 38 (7), S. 1648 - 1661 (2018)
Boehm-Sturm, P.; Aswendt, M.; Minassian, A.; Michalk, S.; Mengler, L.; Adamczak, J. M.; Mezzanotte, L.; Löwik, C.; Höhn, M.: A multi-modality platform to image stem cell graft survival in the naïve and stroke-damaged mouse brain. Biomaterials 35 (7), S. 2218 - 2226 (2014)
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