Publikationen von Jacek Biernat

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Zempel, H.; Dennissen, F. J.A.; Kumar, Y.; Luedtke, J.; Biernat, J.; Mandelkow, E.-M.; Mandelkow, E.: Axodendritic sorting and pathological missorting of Tau are isoform-specific and determined by axon initial segment architecture. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (29), S. 12192 - 12207 (2017)
Kumar, S.; Tepper, K.; Kaniyappan, S.; Biernat, J.; Wegmann, S.; Mandelkow, E.-M.; Müller, D. J.; Mandelkow, E.: Stages and conformations of the Tau repeat domain during aggregation and its effect on neuronal toxicity. Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (29), S. 20318 - 20332 (2014)
Fatouros, C.; Pir, G. J.; Biernat, J.; Koushika, S. P.; Mandelkow, E.; Mandelkow, E.-M.; Schmidt, E.; Baumeister, R.: Inhibition of Tau aggregation in a novel caenorhabditis elegans model of tauopathy mitigates proteotoxicity. Human Molecular Genetics 21 (6), S. 3587 - 3603 (2012)
Jones, E. M.; Dubey, M.; Camp, P. J.; Vernon, B. C.; Biernat, J.; Mandelkow, E.; Majewski, J.; Chi, E. J.: Interaction of Tau protein with model lipid membranes induces tau structural compaction and membrane disruption. Biochemistry 51 (12), S. 2539 - 2550 (2012)
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