Neuer ESMI Präsident Mathias Höhn

Stärkung des Europäischen Gedankens und Förderung junger Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen

19. April 2016

New ESMI President Mathias Hoehn:
Strengthening the European idea and promoting young scientists

Mathias Hoehn, der neue ESMI Präsident spricht zu den Mitgliedern in Utrecht im März 2016
Mathias Hoehn, the new ESMI President addressing the membership at Utrecht in March 2016 mehr

Prof. Dr. Mathias Hoehn, Head of the In-vivo-NMR Laboratory at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research and Visiting Professor at Leiden University Medical Center, was installed as President of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (link to ESMI: At this year’s annual European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) at Utrecht in March he took over the presidency from his predecessor in this position, Prof. Chrit Moonen, Utrecht University.

“One of my focus points during my one-year presidency will be to reach out and strengthen the European Idea of our Society,” says Mathias Hoehn. “There are many countries in Eastern Europe and elsewhere where new labs have been created in the recent years. I would like to make them aware of the benefits of joining this European Platform and encourage them to make ESMI and EMIM their scientific home. Further, I will emphasize the importance of the role of young scientists. To address the upcoming generation of researchers, we want to initiate suitable platforms.”

ESMI represents the academic community developing and validating imaging technologies and multimodality imaging biomarkers in the life sciences and the use of innovative imaging methods to support basic and clinical research. ESMI is the organization for “imaging science” as an important resource for the development of new imaging technologies, as a motor for advancing innovative methodological concepts to validation studies as well as supporting the translational process of taking innovation into the clinical environment.

As the new ESMI President, Mathias Hoehn is proud to host the Society’s next EMIM conference on April 5-8, 2017 in Cologne.

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