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Journal Article
Borgmann, D.; Ciglieri, E.; Biglari, N.; Brandt, C.; Cremer, A. L.; Backes, H.; Tittgemeyer, M.; Wunderlich, F. T.; Brüning, J. C.; Fenselau, H.: Gut-brain communication by distinct sensory neurons differently controls feeding and glucose metabolism. Cell Metabolism 33 (7), pp. 1466 - 1482.e7 (2021)
Journal Article
Carozzi, V. A.; Salio, C.; Menendez, V. R.; Ciglieri, E.; Ferrini, F.: 2D vs 3D morphological analysis of dorsal root ganglia in health and painful neuropathy. European Journal of Histochemistry 65 (S1), 3276 (2021)
Journal Article
Ciglieri, E.; Vacca, M.; Ferrini, F.; Atteya, M. A.; Aimar, P.; Ficarra, E.; Cataldo, S. D.; Merighi, A.; Salio, C.: Cytoarchitectural analysis of the neuron-to-glia association in the dorsal root ganglia of normal and diabetic mice. Journal of Anatomy 237 (5), pp. 988 - 997 (2020)
Journal Article
Reinoß, P.; Ciglieri, E.; Minére, M.; Bremser, S.; Klein, A.; Löhr, H.; Fuller, P. M.; Büschges, A.; Kloppenburg, P.; Fenselau, H. et al.; Hammerschmidt, M.: Hypothalamic Pomc neurons innervate the spinal cord and modulate the excitability of premotor circuits. Current Biology 30 (23), pp. 4579 - 4593.e7 (2020)
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