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Journal Article
Timper, K.; Paeger, L.; Sanchez-Lasheras, C.; Varela, L.; Jais, A.; Nolte, H.; Vogt, M. C.; Hausen, A. C.; Heilinger, C.; Evers, N. et al.; Pospisilik, J. A.; Penninger, J. M.; Taylor, E. B.; Horvath, T. L.; Kloppenburg, P.; Brüning, J. C.: Mild impairment of mitochondrial OXPHOS promotes fatty acid utilization in POMC neurons and improves glucose homeostasis in obesity. Cell Reports 25 (2), pp. 383 - 397 (2018)
Journal Article
Steculorum, S. M.; Timper, K.; Engström Ruud, L.; Evers, N.; Paeger, L.; Bremser, S.; Kloppenburg, P.; Brüning, J. C.: Inhibition of P2Y6 signaling in AgRP neurons reduces food intake and improves systemic insulin sensitivity in obesity. Cell Reports 18 (7), pp. 1587 - 1597 (2017)
Journal Article
Schmitz, J.; Evers, N.; Awazawa, M.; Nicholls, H. T.; Brönneke, H. S.; Dietrich, A.; Mauer, J.; Blüher, M.; Brüning, J. C.: Obesogenic memory can confer long-term increases in adipose tissue but not liver inflammation and insulin resistance after weight loss. Molecular Metabolism 5 (5), pp. 328 - 339 (2016)
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