Active Employees of the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research

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Kerstin Marohl
  • 0221-4726-277
HG 3.02
    Corina Melzer
    • 0221-4726-252
    Container E14
    • Translational Neurocircuitry
    Marielle Minère
    • 0221-4726-634
    NG E16
    • Synaptic Transmission in Energy Homeostasis
    Melanie Mittenbühler
    • 0221-4726-632
    HG E18
    • Obesity and Cancer
    Maria Müller
    HG 2.01
    • IT Group
    Vasyl Mykytiuk
    • 0221-4726-218
    Container 1.05
    • Neuronal circuits and behavior
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