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Journal Article
Borgmann, D.; Rigoux, L.; Kuzmanovic, B.; Thanarajah, S. E.; Münte, T. F.; Fenselau, H.; Tittgemeyer, M.: Technical Note: Modulation of fMRI brainstem responses by transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation. NeuroImage 244, 118566 (2021)
Journal Article
Edwin Thanarajah, S.; Iglesias, S.; Kuzmanovic, B.; Rigoux, L.; Stephan, K. E.; Brüning, J. C.; Tittgemeyer, M.: Modulation of midbrain neurocircuitry by intranasal insulin. NeuroImage 194, pp. 120 - 127 (2019)
Journal Article
Kuzmanovic, B.; Rigoux, L.; Tittgemeyer, M.: Influence of vmPFC on dmPFC predicts valence-guided belief formation. The Journal of Neuroscience 38 (37), pp. 7996 - 8010 (2018)
Journal Article
Jefferson, A.; Bortolotti, L.; Kuzmanovic, B.: What is unrealistic optimism? Consciousness and Cognition 50, pp. 3 - 11 (2017)
Journal Article
Kuzmanovic, B.; Rigoux, L.: Valence-dependent belief updating: Computational validation. Frontiers in Psychology 8 (June), 1087 (2017)
Journal Article
Kuzmanovic, B.; Jefferson, A.; Vogeley, K.: The role of the neural reward circuitry in self-referential optimistic belief updates. NeuroImage 133, pp. 151 - 162 (2016)
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