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Journal Article
Chatterjee, S.; Wieczorek, C.; Schöttle, J.; Siobal, M.; Hinze, Y.; Franz, T.; Florin, A.; Adamczak, J. M.; Heukamp, L. C.; Neumaier, B. et al.; Ullrich, R. T.: Transient antiangiogenic treatment improves delivery of cytotoxic compounds and therapeutic outcome in lung cancer. Cancer Research 74 (10), pp. 2816 - 2824 (2014)
Journal Article
Chatterjee, S.; Heukamp, L. C.; Siobal, M.; Schöttle, J.; Wieczorek, C.; Peifer, M.; Frasca, D.; Koker, M.; König, K.; Meder, L. et al.; Rauh, D.; Buettner, R.; Wolf, J.; Brekken, R. A.; Neumaier, B.; Christofori, G.; Thomas, R. K.; Ullrich, R. T.: Tumor vegf:vegfr2 autocrine feed-forward loop triggers angiogenesis in lung cancer. Journal of Clinical Investigation 123 (4), pp. 1732 - 1740 (2013)
Journal Article
Kucera, N.; Schmalen, I.; Hennig, S.; Öllinger, R.; Strauss, H. M.; Grudziecki, A.; Wieczorek, C.; Kramer, A.; Wolf, E.: Unwinding the differences of the mammalian PERIOD clock proteins from crystal structure to cellular function. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109 (9), pp. 3311 - 3316 (2012)
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