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Journal Article
Sos, M. L.; Rode, H. B.; Heynck, S.; Peifer, M.; Fischer, F.; Klüter, S.; Pawar, V. G.; Reuter, C.; Heuckmann, J. M.; Weiss, J. et al.; Ruddigkeit, L.; Rabiller, M.; Koker, M.; Simard, J. R.; Getlik, M.; Yuza, Y.; Chen, T.-H.; Greulich, H.; Thomas, R. K.; Rauh, D.: Chemogenomic profiling provides insights into the limited activity of irreversible EGFR inhibitors in tumor cells expressing the T790M EGFR resistance mutation. Cancer Research 70 (3), pp. 868 - 874 (2010)
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