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Walter, N.; Bertram, J.; Drewes, B.; Bahutsky, V.; Timmer, M.; Schütz, M. B.; Krämer, F.; Neumaier, F.; Endepols, H.; Neumaier, B. et al.; Zlatopolskiy, B. D.: Convenient PET-tracer production via SuFEx 18F-fluorination of nanomolar precursor amounts. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 237, 114383 (2022)
Journal Article
Krämer, F.; Groner, B.; Hoffmann, C.; Craig, A.; Brugger, M.; Drzezga, A.; Timmer, M.; Neumaier, F.; Zlatopolskiy, B. D.; Endepols, H. et al.; Neumaier, B.: Evaluation of 3-l- and 3-d-[18F]Fluorophenylalanines as PET Tracers for Tumor Imaging. Cancers / Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) 13 (23), 6030 (2021)
Journal Article
Mehrjardi, N. Z.; Molcanyi, M.; Hatay, F. F.; Timmer, M.; Shahbazi, E.; Ackermann, J. P.; Herms, S.; Heilmann-Heimbach, S.; Wunderlich, F. T.; Prochnow, N. et al.; Haghikia, A.; Lampert, A.; Hescheler, J.; Neugebauer, E. A.M.; Baharvand, H.; Saric, T.: Acquisition of chromosome 1q duplication in parental and genome-edited human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells results in their higher proliferation rate in vitro and in vivo. Cell Proliferation 53, e12892 (2020)
Journal Article
Werner, J.-M.; Kuhl, S.; Ulrich, K.; Krischek, B.; Stavrinou, P.; Goldbrunner, R.; Timer, M.: Expression of CD40 correlates negatively with overall and progression-free survival of low- and high-grade gliomas. World Neurosurgery 130, pp. E17 - E25 (2019)
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