Deciphering how the brain controls our weight more

K.J. Zülch Prize awarded by the Max Planck Society more

Adrian Krainer and Richard Finkel receive the K. J. Zülch Prize for their development and testing of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy more

Supporting most talented researchers in Europe more

How does a computer calculate and how do scientists use programs to “look inside” brains? In June, twelve children got the answers to these questions at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in a workshop of the Cologne’s Children University “Kölner KinderUni”. more

New publication in Scientific Reports more

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Intervention in fat metabolism improves fatty liver disease and glucose metabolism of obese mice more

Signaling pathway strengthens the intestinal barrier more

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Brain hungers for dopamine

January 07, 2019
Neurotransmitter release regulates our eating behaviour more

The digestion system of our body is already activated before we take the first bite. more

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