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Neural circuits control metabolism and food intake

New review published in Science more

Balloons lift a scale.

Liraglutide benefits brain activity in people with obesity more

Flyers and beer mats from Pint of Science in the pub.

Science Meets Spirits

June 06, 2023

Pint of Science thrives in Cologne's pubs more

The picture is divided into two halves and shows a colourful staining of cells under the microscope. On the right, the pink staining is much stronger.

Brain releases hormone after short fasting that boosts autophagy more

Tape measure on bathroom scales on a white tiled background with a bath robe and copy space.

Possible target for drugs to combat the yo-yo effect more

A girl holds a donut in front of her face.

Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate bars and co. more

The image show nerve cells in green under the microscope.

Priorities change depending on hunger level more

The image shows a brain with various foods on top.

Study on volunteers finds new regulator of food intake more

Adjunct professorship for Marc Tittgemeyer

Marc Tittgemeyer, research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, has been awarded an adjunct professorship by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne for his achievements in teaching and research. more

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