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Journal Article
Heiss, W.-D.; Hartmann, A.; Rubi-Fessen, I.; Anglade, C.; Kracht, L. W.; Kessler, J.; Weiduschat, N.; Rommel, T.; Thiel, A.: Noninvasive brain stimulation for treatment of right- and left-handed poststroke aphasics. Cerebrovascular Diseases 36 (5-6), pp. 363 - 372 (2013)
Journal Article
Thiel, A.; Hartmann, A.; Rubi-Fessen, I.; Anglade, C.; Kracht, L.; Weiduschat, N.; Kessler, J.; Rommel, T.; Heiss, W.-D.: Effects of noninvasive brain stimulation on language networks and recovery in early poststroke aphasia. Stroke 44 (8), pp. 2240 - 2246 (2013)
Journal Article
Heiss, W.-D.; Weiduschat, N.: Schweregrad und Rückbildung von Aphasien: Darstellung mittels funktioneller Bildgebung. Sprache Stimme Gehör 35 (1), pp. e18 - e24 (2011)
Journal Article
Weiduschat, N.; Thiel, A.; Rubi-Fessen, I.; Hartmann, A.; Kessler, J.; Merl, P.; Kracht, L.; Rommel, T.; Heiss, W.-D.: Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in aphasic stroke: A randomized controlled pilot study. Stroke 42 (2), pp. 409 - 415 (2011)
Journal Article
Weiduschat, N.; Habedank, B.; Lampe, B.; Poggenborg, J.; Schuster, A.; Haupt, W. F.; Heiss, W.-D.; Thiel, A.: Localizing Broca's area for transcranial magnetic stimulation: Comparison of surface distance measurements and stereotaxic positioning. Brain Stimulation 2 (2), pp. 93 - 102 (2009)
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