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Journal Article
Winkeler, A.; Hartung, M.; Slack, M.; Jacobs, A. H.: Functional analysis of various gene linkers serving proportional coexpression of PET marker and therapeutic genes. Molecular Therapy 9 (Suppl.), pp. S304 - S305 (2004)
Journal Article
Jacobs, A. H.; Winkeler, A.; Hartung, M.; Slack, M.; Dittmar, C.; Kummer, C.; Knoess, C.; Galldiks, N.; Vollmar, S.; Wienhard, K. et al.; Heiss, W.-D.: Improved herpes simplex virus type 1 amplicon vectors for proportional coexpression of positron emission tomography marker and therapeutic genes. Human Gene Therapy 14 (3), pp. 277 - 297 (2003)
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