Publications of Beate Saal

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Journal Article
Querings, S.; Altmüller, J.; Ansen, S.; Zander, T.; Seidel, D.; Gabler, F.; Peifer, M.; Markert, E.; Stemshorn, K.; Timmermann, B. et al.; Saal, B.; Klose, S.; Ernestus, K.; Scheffler, M.; Engel-Riedel, W.; Stoelben, E.; Brambilla, E.; Wolf, J.; Nürnberg, P.; Thomas, R. K.: Benchmarking of mutation diagnostics in clinical lung cancer specimens. PLoS ONE 6 (5), p. e19601 - e19601 (2011)
Journal Article
Ansen, S.; Bangard, C.; Querings, S.; Gabler, F.; Scheffler, M.; Seidel, D.; Saal, B.; Zander, T.; Nogova, L.; Töpelt, K. et al.; Markert, E.; Stoelben, E.; Ernestus, K.; Thomas, R. K.; Wolf, J.: Osteoblastic response in patients with non-small cell lung cancer with activating EGFR mutations and bone metastases during treatment with EGFR kinase inhibitors. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 5 (3), pp. 407 - 409 (2010)
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