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Journal Article
Hrkac, M.; Wurm, M. F.; Kühn, A. B.; Schubotz, R. I.: Objects mediate goal integration in ventrolateral prefrontal cortex during action observation. PLoS One 10 (7), e0134316 (2015)
Journal Article
Hrkac, M.; Wurm, M. F.; Schubotz, R. I.: Action observers implicitly expect actors to act goal-coherently, even if they do not: An fMRI study. Human Brain Mapping 35 (5), pp. 2178 - 2190 (2014)
Journal Article
Wurm, M. F.; Hrkac, M.; Morikawa, Y.; Schubotz, R. I.: Predicting goals in action episodes attenuates BOLD response in inferior frontal and occipitotemporal cortex. Behavioural Brain Research 274, pp. 108 - 117 (2014)
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