Publications of Wolf-Dieter Heiss

Journal Article (226)

Journal Article
Herholz, K.; Schopphoff, H.; Schmidt, M.; Mielke, R.; Eschner, W.; Scheidhauer, K.; Schicha, H.; Heiss, W.-D.; Ebmeier, K.: Direct comparison of spatially normalized PET and SPECT scans in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 43 (1), pp. 21 - 26 (2002)
Journal Article
Hilker, R.; Herholz, K.; Schuster, A.; Voges, J.; Ghaemi, M.; Sturm, V.; Wienhard, K.; Heiss, W.-D.: The antiparkinsonian effects of deep brain stimulation in the subthalamic nucleus are not mediated by an increase of tonic striatal dopamine receptor stimulation: evidence from serial [11C]raclopride-PET in parkinsonian humans. NeuroImage 16 (3/P2), p. S63 - S63 (2002)
Journal Article
Jacobs, A. H.; Winkeler, A.; Dittmar, C.; Gossmann, A.; Deckert, M.; Kracht, L.; Thiel, A.; Garlip, G.; Hilker, R.; Vollmar, S. et al.; Kummer, C.; Graf, R.; Voges, J.; Wienhard, K.; Herholz, K.; Heiss, W.-D.: Molecular and functional imaging technology for the development of efficient treatment strategies for gliomas. Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment 1 (3), pp. 187 - 204 (2002)
Journal Article
Jacobs, A. H.; Winkeler, A.; Dittmar, C.; Hilker, R.; Heiss, W.-D.: Prospects of molecular imaging in neurology. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (Suppl. 39), pp. 98 - 109 (2002)
Journal Article
Petereit, H.F.; Heiss, W.-D.: New diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis. Annals of Neurology 51, pp. 533 - 534 (2002)
Journal Article
Petereit, H.F.; Nolden, S.; Schoppe, S.; Bamborschke, S.; Pukrop, R.; Heiss, W.-D.: Low interferon gamma producers are better treatment responders. A two years follow-up of interferon beta treated multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple Sclerosis 8 (6), pp. 492 - 494 (2002)

Book (1)

Brainin, M.; Heiss, W.-D. (Eds.): Textbook of stroke medicine. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [u.a.] (2010), X, 326 pp.

Book Chapter (21)

Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.; Thiel, A.: Basic principles of rTMS in aphasia treatment after stroke. In: Therapeutic rTMS in Neurology: Principles, Evidence, and Practice Recommendations, pp. 73 - 85 (Ed. Platz, T.). Springer International Publ. (2016)
Book Chapter
Kracht, L. W.; Heiss, W.-D.: Metabolic imaging. In: Neuro-Oncology: The essentials, 3. ed. Ed., pp. 66 - 76 (Eds. Bernstein, M.; Berger, M.S.). Thieme, Stuttgart (2015)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: Cerebral glucose metabolism. In: PET and SPECT of Neurobiological Systems, pp. 85 - 101 (Eds. Dierckx, R. A.J.O.; Otte, A.; DeVries, E. F.J.; Van Waarde, A.; Luiten, P. G.M.). Springer, Berlin [u.a.] (2014)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: PET reveals pathophysiology in ischemic stroke. In: PET and SPECT in Neurology, pp. 569 - 586 (Eds. Dierckx, R. A.J.O.; Otte, A.; Vries, E. F.J. d.; Van Waarde, A.). Springer, Berlin [u.a.] (2014)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.; Drzezga, A.: PET/MR in brain imaging. In: PET/MRI: Methodology and Clinical Applications, pp. 109 - 125 (Eds. Carrio, I.; Ros, P.). Springer, Berlin (2014)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: Mapping of recovery from poststroke aphasia: Comparison of PET and fMRI. In: fMRI: Basics and Clinical Applications, pp. 141 - 154 (Eds. Ulmer, S.; Jansen, O.). Springer, Berlin [u.a.] (2013)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: Imaging of brain function with positron emission tomography and its role in aphasia research. In: Medical Imaging: Procedures, Techniques and Applications, pp. 99 - 128 (Eds. D'Elia, M.; Madaffari, A.). Nova Science Publishers, New York (2012)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: Mapping of recovery from poststroke aphasia: comparison of PET and MRI. In: fMRI: Basics and Clinical Applications, pp. 95 - 106 (Eds. Ulmer, S.; Jansen, O.). Springer, Berlin [u.a.] (2010)
Book Chapter
Kracht, L.; Jacobs, A. H.; Heiss, W.-D.: Metabolic imaging. In: Neuro-Oncology: The Essentials, pp. 70 - 78 (Eds. Bernstein, M.; Berger, M. S.). Thieme, Stuttgart [u.a.] (2008)
Book Chapter
Jacobs, A. H.; Sobesky, J.; Dohmen, C.; Neveling, M.; Heiss, W.-D.: Primär- und Sekundärprävention des Schlaganfalls. In: Prävention atherosklerotischer Erkrankungen, pp. 140 - 148 (Eds. Rosenkranz, S.; Schneider, C.A.; Erdmann, E.). Thieme, Stuttgart [u.a.] (2007)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.: Schlaganfall und zerebrovaskuläre Krankheiten. In: Springer Lexikon Diagnose und Therapie, pp. 1423 - 1430 (Ed. Reuter, P.). Springer Medizin Verlag, Heidelberg (2006)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.; Dohmen, C.; Graf, R.: Multimodality neuromonitoring in acute stroke. In: Acute Stroke - Bench to Bedside, pp. 421 - 432 (Eds. Bhardwaj, A.; Alkayed, N.J.; Kirsch, J.R.; Traystman, R.J.). Informa Healthcare USA, New York (2006)
Book Chapter
Heiss, W.-D.; Graf, R.: Translational research - does it really help in the development of stroke therapy? In: Pharmacology of Cerebral Ischemia, pp. 563 - 572 (Eds. Krieglstein, J.; Klumpp, S.). medpharm, Stuttgart (2004)
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