Publications of Kirsten G. Volz

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Book Chapter
Volz, K. G.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Can neuroscience tell a story about intuition? In: Intuition in judgment and decision making, pp. 71 - 87 (Eds. Plessner, H.; Betsch, C.; Betsch, T.). Lawrence Erlbaum, New York [u.a.] (2008)
Book Chapter
Vosgerau, G.; Schlicht, T.; Springer, A.; Volz, K. G.: Kulturabhängigkeit in einer Stufen-Theorie der Selbst-Repräsentationen. In: Psyche zwischen Natur und Kultur, pp. 165 - 185 (Eds. Vogeley, K.; Fuchs, T.; Heinze, M.). Parodos, Pabst Science Publishers, Berlin, Lengerich (2008)
Book Chapter
Volz, K. G.; Schubotz, R. I.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Variants of uncertainty in decision making and their cerebral correlates. In: Errors Conflicts And the Brain: Current Opinions On Performance Monitoring, pp. 84 - 95 (Eds. Ullsperger, M.; Falkenstein, M.). Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Leipzig (2003)
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